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About Treaty of Utrecht Foundation

The municipality and province of Utrecht have appointed the Treaty of Utrecht Foundation to develop the multi-year 'Treaty of Utrecht' programme.


Our mission

Art, culture, knowledge, interaction and dialogue between different cultures were instrumental in bringing about European peace, with global implications. Today, Utrecht is still known as a city of knowledge and culture. The Treaty of Utrecht Foundation's mission is to strengthen Utrecht's international reputation as a city and region of knowledge and culture, with an appealing cultural programme for 2013 that has a lasting impact on the city and its cultural infrastructure.


Treaty of Utrecht Foundation's main objectives: 

  • Raise Utrecht's (inter)national profile as a city and region of knowledge and culture.
  • Contribute to extending the reach of culture in the city and region.


How will we achieve it? 

  • Treaty of Utrecht 2013: the cultural programme to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the Treaty of Utrecht in 2013.


Art and culture as cement 

The importance of art and culture as a unifying and innovating force in society are central to the programme in 2013, where the past is the inspiration.



The Treaty of Utrecht Foundation is not working on these ambitious plans alone. It has joined forces with cultural organisations, educational and social institutions, entrepreneurs, artists, residents and the municipality and province of Utrecht.


Investing through culture is investing in the roots of society

Utrecht is in a period of major transition. The region as a whole will soon be home to 1.2 million inhabitants. Its cultural composition is undergoing immense change – particularly in the city of Utrecht itself. In 2013, 50% of Utrecht will be ‘culturally diverse’. Utrecht invests in dialogue and social cohesion in myriad ways. The cultural programmes organized by the Vrede van Utrecht Foundation aim to make an important contribution. For this reason the 2013 celebration will be more than a one-time celebration: it will be a milestone marking fundamental growth.


Knowledge and culture

The Utrecht of tomorrow will be a city characterized by knowledge, culture and an innovative economy. Already it is a very powerful urban regional economy. It is noted for its strong creative sector, as well as for a number of knowledge institutes of international repute. Utrecht will deploy knowledge and culture to enhance its prestige in Europe, thereby making it attractive for leading researchers from around the globe, for students, for residents of various cultural orientations and for international businesses. The celebrations in 2013 are incentives for making fundamental investments in the society of tomorrow.